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Morgellons Direct, LLC, headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK,  is a privately held, limited liability corporation. The business was founded in 2016 after a close friend was having a difficult time finding a quality source for potassium iodide to be made into saturated solution of potassium iodide to be used for a certain protocol he believed would alleviate his serious health issues. The founders of the company decided to source the potassium iodide, create a kit so as to make it usable for a variety of needs,

 and use only the highest quality components to make

the product easy to use and have confidence in. 

Today, Morgellons Direct provides not only the SSKI Potassium Iodide Mixing Kit and 4- Pack Refills, but also Daily Drop Iodine Mixing KIt, a 150 mcg iodine supplement mixing kit based on the FDA guidelines (FDA Daily Value).

Thank you for choosing Morgellons Direct for your potassium iodide/iodine solutions needs. Be well.