Shipping Policy

Morgellons Direct begins processing orders received Monday through Friday before 3 pm on the same day. Processing of orders may take up to three business days. Once processed, orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. Shipping rates are calculated at the time of checkout and based on USPS rates that you choose to use. 

IMPORTANT: USPS will reject orders placed with no individual or business name. Initials are not accepted due to governmental anti-terrorist policies. Please include at least three letters of the recipients first and last name or the package will be returned.

 For international shipping, packages may take from two weeks to two months, depending upon receiving country and your choice of shipping method. Be aware that your item may take additional time to get to you as each country's customs procedures may be different. USPS tracking numbers for international orders only work while on US soil and once it leaves the US, we will have no information until it reaches your local post office/customs.  Some countries change the tracking number to suit their systems. In the event of an unexpected delay, please consult your postal service or local customs office first. While we make every effort to accommodate any special requests for delivery, we have no control over what your postal delivery person actually does. If you have a special request, it is best to leave them a note in your mailbox or speak with them directly regarding your wishes.