SSKI for Thyroid Protection

SSKI for Thyroid Protection

One of the most important aspects of the Morgellons Direct SSKI Potassium Iodide Solutions Mixing Kit is that it enables the user to mix their own SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide). SSKI has many uses, but in these trying times, one of the most valuable is thyroid protection. During the nuclear reactor breakdown of Chernobyl, SSKI was used to protect the people affected by the radiation exposure to the thyroid.

The advantage of a liquid solution in the form of SSKI is that two drops in a glass of water is equivalent to the 130 mg of liquid potassium iodide recommended by the CDC, WHO and FDA for adults. Depending on age and weight, one drop is sufficient for children. (Reference the CDC recommendations link on our Resources page). Not everyone can take pills or tablets so by being able to simply put two drops of solution into a glass of water and drink it, the problem is alleviated.

There is no unpleasant taste, additives or preservatives. Pure potassium iodide is easily absorbed and the potassium helps to quickly move the solution through the bloodstream for quick delivery. One packet of our potassium iodide mixed into solution provides enough drops to use for 28 people for two weeks. As the packet of crystals comes sealed, it has an indeterminate shelf life, making it perfect for long-term storage. 

Dosage chart for taking potassium iodide at SSKI strength during an nuclear event  is from *Source:

130 mg of SSKI = 2 drops. 




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