Shipping policy

Most orders are shipped within three days of receiving the order. Occasionally exceptions arise that delay the shipment. In that event, it is important that both an email and phone number is included with your order so that we may contact you to let you know if your order will be delayed or if your chosen shipping method has an exception. We have attempted to provide the most reasonable shipping rates available. Rates change continually. We reserve the right to change shipping methods based on rate paid and carrier rate at the time. We will make every effort to insure that the delivery time is within an acceptable range based on your chosen preference at time of order. If there are any exceptions to that, we will contact you by email to make adjustments. Delivery times begin when the shipping carrier receives the package, not when you order. 

Please include your first and last name on the shipping form. International shipments cannot be made with initials or just a last name. 

For international orders, the USPS tracking numbers only work on US soil. Once the package leaves the US, we will not have any additional information until that package has reached your country. USPS and UPS have both discontinued any guarantee of their priority services for international shipping. Some of this is due to spikes in covid out breaks and some is due to the inability to establish reliable transportation for delivery outside the US.

Additionally, we have acquired new shipping rates for DHL International services and are pleased to be able to offer those discounted rates to all international customers in the countries that DHL services. Available services in your area will be those shown at checkout.